What Happens Just Before Manifestation

What Happens Just Before Manifestation? Notice The Signs From The Universe

We are all in search of that moment when what we want, what we desire most in the world, arrives just as if by magic. The feeling of “yes!” is undeniable and it fills us with a sense of joy and elation which for many people lasts for days or weeks after having their wishes fulfilled.

But there’s something you can do to help manifest your desires more quickly!

If you’re wondering what happens just before manifestation, then read on…

The Signs Just Before a Manifestation Happens

There are many signs just before a manifestation that you can start to notice in your life. Here’s what they might be:

  • You feel more energized and excited, which is easy to see when looking at how much time and energy you put into the goal each day or week.
  • Your thoughts turn up positive feelings of hope for the future – rather than negative ones like fear, worry or doubt.


In other words, there’s a sense that this will happen because it has to…because everything else points towards that outcome. The question isn’t “will I get what I want?” but instead it becomes “when?”.

  • There is an increased synchronicity with people who support what you’re working on or for.


Doubt Before Manifestation

This is generally a sign just before a manifestation is not about to happen unfortunately!

  • The number one sign that you’re not ready to manifest what you want is doubt.
  • Doubt breeds fear and any time there’s fear, the opportunity for manifestation diminishes.
  • Positivity is crucial to the Law of Attraction, so keep your thoughts and actions positive!


Is Deja Vu a Sign of Manifestation?

Deja Vu is a sign of manifestation in some cases and not other times.

It can be one of the signs that you’re on the right path and getting closer.

There’s also the idea behind what I call “mirroring” which occurs when we see people who have similar interests as us, but they haven’t found their way into our lives yet for whatever reason (they live far away, we don’t know them personally). When we finally meet these people either in person or virtually through social media, this meeting can be considered a sign that we’re on the right track too.

Feeling Fear Just Before a Manifestation

This can be interpreted as “I’m feeling impatient” because I want my manifestations now, rather than later. It’s important not to fall victim to impatience because when you do, fear takes over. Fear is one of the biggest killers of all manifestations so always remember:

if it doesn’t show up tomorrow, then it will show up at some point down the road

Physical Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming

The Universe sends us physical signs before we manifest something. These can be anything from someone randomly showing up in our lives to a text message or email that says exactly what we need to hear when we’re feeling down.

Physical Signs The Manifestation Is Coming True

New people coming into your life, serendipitous events (randomly running into an old friend of the family), messages from friends telling you how much they love you during times where self-worth is low, getting support for something very specific on social media which leads to new opportunities falling at your feet all are examples of indications that manifestation may come true soon.

Serendipity is a term that is often used to describe these odd yet magical moments. They are random occurrences that can lead to wonderful things, just like the synchronicity of our psychic intuition!

What Happens Just Before Manifestation?

Sensation and feeling – what you sense energetically or feel in your body about a situation (whether it be good or bad) – provide us with valuable information on how we’re going to manifest something in reality. Your feelings will always precede what happens next so pay attention when they tell you one thing but there’s an opposing sign from other parts of your life telling you another. This isn’t easy at all and requires mindfulness to notice signs before manifestation as well as self-love which allows for patience while waiting for them to happen.

Unexpected Signs of Manifestation

Some of the most unexpected signs of a manifestation about to happen are:

  • a nagging feeling that something’s not right and we’re being ignored (signs of what could possibly happen if we ignore the signs)
  • an increase in negative thoughts like anxiety, worry or guilt which are often dismissed as coincidental but can also be seen as warning flags to heed our intuition
  • physical symptoms such as pain, fever, nausea etc. when nothing else is going on with us physically/physically ill for no logical reason


Alongside these sudden changes there will most likely be one thing happening before manifestation – whether it be because you’ve been working hard at manifesting or just by sheer luck: your improved mood. This doesn’t have to mean anything other than happiness but pay attention to this change as it can be the most telling sign.

  • notice the sudden changes in mood such as feeling happier or more positive
  • increased thoughts of what it would be like to have your manifestation come true and feelings of excitement about your future


Just before you manifest, pay attention to these signs from the Universe – but don’t forget that not all manifestations are good ones! I’ve had many times where my energy was so high in anticipation for what could happen if I followed through with something only for those plans to fall through (at times when I really needed it), which is why we should never take anything at face value.

But also remember: keep going because this means there’s still hope. It can just mean that life has different plans than ours do sometimes.

Seeing Signs But No Manifestation

We can often notice when something is about to manifest, but sometimes it can be a little more difficult. If you’ve had signs from the Universe that what you really want will happen and nothing has happened yet, there are some things we should consider:

  • Did I not have enough belief in my manifestation? This one should seem pretty obvious – if your faith wasn’t strong for whatever reason (maybe because of an old fear) then this could be where “faith without works” comes into play. You need both believing and doing at different points in life so make sure to keep moving forward even when doubt creeps up on us!
  • Am I waiting too long to take action? Sometimes people wait until they’re absolutely certain before taking any steps which leads them down a pathway that doesn’t work for them. It’s important to stay flexible and keep an open mind so that we can find what it is we’re looking for even if the timing isn’t perfect or our plan wasn’t ideal.

How to Manifest Faster

The Universe responds to our beliefs so it’s important that we believe in ourselves first before expecting others to do so too. It’s also crucial that we focus on the positive aspects of our wishes coming true rather than dwelling on any possible negative outcomes because this can skew our perception of them being delivered as soon as possible.

If you want something then ask for it! Be specific with what you’re looking for but don’t forget to add an endearing quality by adding phrases like

“I’d really appreciate if”

  • Make sure you’re saying what needs to be said and do all the things that need doing.
  • The Universe is a living entity with an intelligence of its own so it may not always help us out in our time of need but, if we persevere, then it’ll eventually come into play as long as we stay positive about what happens next.


Thoughts and emotions intensify around a particular topic or idea they eventually turn into physical reality. This is the Law of Attraction at work!

The Universe responds to our beliefs so it’s important that we believe in ourselves first before expecting others to do so too. It’s also crucial that we focus on the positive aspects of our wishes coming true rather than dwelling on any possible negative outcomes.

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