visualization techniques for manifestation achieve goals

Visualization Techniques for Manifestation: Achieve Goals

Do you want to start manifesting your goals? Do visualization techniques for manifestation sound appealing to you, but don’t know where to start? If so, then this blog post is for you.

In it, we will discuss the best visualization exercises and tools that can help achieve goals faster. You’ll learn about how visualization relates to The Law of Attraction and sports performance as well. We hope that our tips will lead to more success in achieving your goals!

What is Visualization?

Visualization is a practice that can be used to help manifest goals. It’s often combined with other practices such as affirmations, prayer and visualization exercises.

Elite level athletes and sportspeople have been using this technique for many years.  It’s believed that visualization techniques for manifestation, with the right practice, can help an individual to achieve their goals faster.

What are Visualization Exercises?

Visualization exercises refer to different types of visualization practices such as imagining your desired outcome in a specific location or time of day. The goal is to create a detailed image which you will place yourself inside of – often times this includes seeing all five senses and feeling emotions associated with it. For example, if you wanted to be more confident while speaking at public events then imagine being on the stage giving your speech confidently.”

Check out our list of visualization techniques and how to use them manifest the life you want!

1. Visualize your goals as already accomplished

Creating a detailed image in your mind that you are already where you want to be can help make the process seem more realistic. It may also keep anxiety at bay when reminding yourself over and over again how much closer you are becoming to achieving your goals.

Visualize what it would feel like if all aspects of the goal were complete (such as being able to speak confidently while giving public presentations). Try imagining everything happening right now! If there’s anything missing from this visualization, go ahead and fill those blanks too!

“This visualization exercise should only be done for short periods of time, because it is so powerful.”

  • Visualizing goals as accomplished – so visualize yourself already being on stage speaking confidently and enjoying it!
  • Imagining a specific location or time of day along with your desired outcome. Notice the lighting, all of the surroundings, how you are feeling on a scale from 0 – 100%.


The goal is to make these images so vivid that you feel like they’re happening. These visualization exercises can work because research studies suggest that our brains cannot tell the difference between what we’re imagining and what’s actually happening! How powerful a revelation is that!

Building a routine around using visualization techniques to create a positive mindset for success includes:

  • reading motivational messages
  • envisioning oneself doing something good
  • manifestation meditation
  • saying powerful affirmations out load


Visualizing before an event or performance helps athletes stay calm before competition because they can visualize themselves succeeding in their sport!

2. Imagine yourself living the life you want to live

It’s important to visualize yourself living the life you want to lead. This will stir up feelings of motivation and excitement about achieving your goals!

Visualizing can even work with The Law of Attraction because visualization is a form of creative energy that contributes to positive thinking which then attracts more opportunities for success.

Like affirmations, visualization exercises are powerful tools in manifesting what we desire by infusing thoughts into our subconscious mind. As mentioned above, research suggests the brain cannot tell the difference between reality or imagination so when visualizing, it actually feeds whatever mood one creates – whether negative or positive- back on itself as if they were happening right now!

The key is building routines around using this technique to create habits that help us stay focused and motivated throughout our lives towards achievement

3. Use visualization techniques in meditation and yoga

While visualization techniques are incredibly useful for manifesting, the idea of “manifestation” is not a new concept at all.

In fact, manifestation actually has its roots in the Hindu-based Vedic religion and can be traced back to ancient civilizations like Egypt or Babylon where people would use physical objects as symbols of what they wanted which then helped them visualize themselves already having it.

For example: if someone had an intention to travel but also believed that their ability to do so was hindered by their lack of money – both internally through negative thinking about finances and externally because conversations with friends were always centered around how expensive things are abroad – this person’s reality will only reflect those thoughts! They may find themselves struggling financially while this will only lead them to believe that this is the reality they deserve.

The visualization techniques for manifestation to achieve goals would be to put a stone on their desk or in front of them when working, representing some type of currency like an American Dollar, and then envision themselves with more money than what’s represented by the object (like having stacks upon stacks). These visualizations will likely produce a feeling of happiness after being around it long enough which can help combat negative thoughts while also helping you feel as though your goal suddenly became attainable because there are now possible steps!

In addition to this, The Law Of Attraction states that:

“if something bothers you about someone else – even if it’s only subconsciously – you’re going to see evidence supporting why those things bother you and in turn, those things will bother you more often”

If your visualization is simply a goal instead of an emotional issue and it doesn’t seem to be working for some reason, revisit the visualization exercise with as much detail as possible in order to find any flaws or places where you may have left out something important that would change the outcome!

4. Create a visual representation of what you want – examples include drawing, painting, and collaging

Whilst you don’t need to create a masterpiece,  this is a good way of getting to know your visualization as well as giving you an idea of how it would look in the physical world.

Some people like to add colours, textures or patterns that represent what they’re trying to manifest and this can be a valuable technique for those looking to achieve something really specific!

Others prefer not too focus on colors when creating their visualizations but use different shapes and materials instead – so explore how visualization techniques work best for you.

It’s also important that we take into consideration our fears around success when using any visualization exercise because if these are left unchecked then they could end up sabotaging us before we’ve even got started. With this in mind, let’s get rid of them now by taking some time to consciously acknowledge these doubts and fears.

Some people prefer to use visualization techniques without any visualization tools at all, but it can often be a useful idea for you to have something in your hands as this helps with concentration.

5. Write down your goals and create a vision board with pictures that inspire you

Lots of people find that journaling for manifestation can be a really helpful way to focus on their intentions on a daily basis.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collage of pictures and words that represent your goals.

Using vision boards to focus on your goals is a great visualization technique, especially if you’re working with time-sensitive goals.

vision board manifestation visualization techniques


6. Make an affirmation list to post on the fridge or near your desk where it will be visible every day

An affirmation list is a list of phrases that you want to tell yourself every day.

The words may seem silly or feel dishonest, but the power of repetition and belief can’t be understated. If your mind believes it then your body will follow suit!

“I am worth more than enough”

“Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.”

“My confidence is high because I have a strong sense of self!”

“I will become  more and more powerful as I continue to repeat my affirmations daily.”

Place them somewhere handy like on the door of your fridge or a mirror in your bathroom. They will be one sentence per line all on different lines with no spaces or periods between them. On your desk, you could make this into bullet points which you should read aloud.

When you read aloud, your brain will hear the words and start to believe them!

The power of visualization is incredible but it’s not always easy to know how you should use it the most effectively. Choose wisely…

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