how to make a vision board for manifestation

How To Make A Vision Board For Manifestation

A vision board is a tool that helps people manifest what they want in life. It’s an intuitive thing to do – if you want something, the best way to get it is by seeing it and feeling as though you already have it. In this blog post we discuss how to make a vision board for manifestation and how to use visualization techniques with manifestation boards.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a useful tool to help people achieve their goals and manifest their desires.

The idea behind creating this type of visual manifestation device has roots in advertising: when companies show consumers how their lives will be better with certain products, these images help promote those items’ sales numbers. In other words, visualization techniques work for selling things!

Tips for Creating Visualizations

If you can begin with a set of images, then all you need to do is create a copy of them in order and place it on your board.

If not, consider the following:

  • Take time to daydream about what you would want to see or experience in life. You can also use objects from magazines that invoke those feelings for inspiration.
  • Choose images with colors that resonate with how you feel when looking at them – this will help infuse positive energy into your manifestation process and accomplish goals more quickly. If you’re feeling optimistic, go ahead and choose an image with bright blues; if they make you happy, add some pinks! For passion projects like writing books or creating art we recommend choosing shades of reds as the color purple tends to be a calming color.
  • Create a collage of your favorite images or words that you would like to experience in life.
  • This is an important step: Write down how this manifestation will make you feel when it happens, such as “I am passionate about my work” or “I can’t wait for the day I meet my soulmate” Write more than one sentence if needed – just get into those feelings!


Once completed, say aloud what these goals mean to you and how they will impact your life. It’s also helpful to recite them out loud while looking at your visualized goal board every morning before getting ready for the day ahead. Doing so consistently allows this visualization process to become deeply embedded within yourself and unlocks.

Creating a daily routine around affirmations can also help you find the best words for what you want to create in your life. For example, if one of your goals is “I am a healthy weight” then make affirmations such as “I am eating nutritiously” or “My body responds quickly to my positive thoughts and actions”

Having this list form part of your vision board for manifestation will allow it to become more tangible – helping with that sense that these things are truly happening and not just dreams. It also provides an easy visual reminder of how far along you’ve come towards manifesting them into reality so far.

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What You Need To Make Your Own Vision Board

You’ll need a large piece of posterboard or some other kind of sturdy material on which to create your board – sorry but no phone app can take care of this job just yet! Be sure to use strong, thick material that is more than just a little flimsy.

A set of markers in various colors or crayons. Most people will tell you it’s best to have an even number of each color so there are enough for both sides and the middle section- but if you don’t want to buy that many different ones, pick one hue type (e.g. red) and get lots!

Paint pens: water soluble paints work well because they won’t smear when wet. Again, most people will recommend two sets with contrasting colors such as black/white or blue/red since these contrast nicely against all the other colors on your board; however, some people might prefer neutral shades like browns and taupe.

Setting Your Intentions

The clearer you are at this point the better, because it will make the rest of your board much easier. You may want to think about how you want to feel, look, and what skills you would like.

You can create whichever intention statements work best for you. Remember in order for this technique to work properly they must be measurable and specific – e.g., rather than “I have more patience” say instead “I now take deep breaths before responding”.

Why use an intention statement?

You can make things happen faster if you know exactly what you want.

Using a manifestation board is one way to help yourself manifest your dreams quicker and easier than ever before because you can visualize them in front of you.

I hope that this post has given you some awesome ideas on how to use a vision board for manifestation, as well as the benefits it will have on your life!

Do not worry if at first visualization doesn’t work – but keep trying, as with anything practice makes perfect! It’s also important to remember: don’t give up too easily!

What exactly is Manifestation?

To explain what manifestation is, we need to first talk about how the subconscious mind works.

The idea is that your thoughts and feelings have a profound effect on everything in your life, including your physical reality. If you don’t like how something feels, then it’s likely because of what you’re thinking or feeling right now!

It doesn’t matter if these are conscious or unconscious thoughts – they affect us nonetheless. That means “manifestation” can be used to create positive change for yourself by changing those negative thoughts into more desirable ones… with support from manifestation tools such as vision boards!

Believe and Receive

Ultimately, the key word here is “believe”. You have to really believe in order for anything positive to happen – so if you are not sure about something or don’t feel confident enough yet, just make more space for those thoughts by thinking positively and using these simple manifestation and visualization techniques. Once I learned about how to create a vision board for manifestation from my spiritual mentor, everything changed… even though I had been working on myself spiritually since my college days already.

When I made my first dream board as part of my new self-care routine (combining these two techniques), I started feeling more confident about what was possible for me: “maybe there are no limits” became my main mantra and inner guidance tool!

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