The Power of Words and Affirmations Manifestation Growth

The Power of Words and Affirmations

Words are powerful. They create our reality and manifest in the physical world around us. The words we speak, write, and think every day shape who we are and what kind of life we live. Words can also be used to change the way you see yourself or think about your future for the better. In this blog post, I will discuss how you can use affirmations as daily power words to improve your life!

Why we shouldn’t underestimate the power of words

The power of words is undeniable and the law of attraction can also be used to manifest our desires. This use of language has been studied by neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, and linguistics experts who have all found that we are powerfully influenced by what goes on inside our heads. When you constantly tell yourself something will happen without any evidence or try to convince others with your energy, it’s easy for reality to follow suit! The opposite is true as well–we often deny things that we believe won’t come true because they don’t align with a belief system we’ve created through repetition over time.

Think about it, how we can help or hurt other people by just saying a few words – this is so powerful.

The power of words and affirmations can be used for love, to give gratitude, or manifest a desired outcome. We have the power to shape our reality through what we say–can you imagine how powerful it would be if we could master this?

  • Our thoughts create chemical reactions in our bodies
  • Repeating phrases (either out loud or mentally) forms neuronal pathways that lead us down habitual thinking patterns
  • Get into the habit of using these power words as daily affirmations by repeating them over time so they automatically come up when needed! You’ll find yourself effortlessly manifesting your desires without even trying.


What is a daily affirmation?

Building up a routine of power words as daily affirmations will help you manifest what you need. A power word is a phrase that reminds us of what we want to be or how we feel in the present moment – it’s meant to empower and uplift.

What are some examples of power words?

  • “I’m grateful” creates gratitude for whatever aspect of life one may have at any given time (be it past, present, or future)
  • “I am loved” releases negativity from others’ actions towards oneself and replaces these feelings with love
  • “Perfect timing!” helps release anxiety surrounding unfortunate events by reminding self this too shall pass! It also serves as motivation while looking forward towards better times ahead. The perfect timing can be different to what we assume or think it is.


Do you have a power word?

What are some of the words that activate your personal power and self love mantra during times when life has been an emotional roller-coaster ride or is feeling unbalanced, such as after a break up?

Maybe it’s “I am blessed” or perhaps it’s “I deserve better”.

Whatever perspective someone may find themselves going through at any given time. Don’t be too hard on yourself if these changes happen every now and then. The point here is to speak kindly to yourself about what you desire – whether you do so with affirmations or by putting pen to paper! Take note of how powerful words create positive change for our lives and use them daily.

How do affirmations work?

Affirmations provide a way for us to overwrite negative thoughts in order to become more positive about ourselves.

We can begin by using power words such as “I am capable” or “I deserve the best”.

Repeating these thoughts throughout the day will help us to manifest what we want. We can also use them in order to bring about a happier mood which improves our self-image and gives us more confidence when approaching certain tasks.

Why are affirmations so powerful?

You might not have considered it to be this way but this is how it goes;

“We create reality with every word that we speak, whether it is positive or negative”

So if you’re not satisfied with your life, be careful of the words you choose! Choose wisely on how often you say things like, “This never works out for me” because they become truths – even though it may not have been true before. What’s most important here is that the power of words is a very real thing.

Words have energy and can give life to our dreams, desires, thoughts – whatever you want! That’s why it’s so important what we say in order to create the life that we’re looking for as well as deal with obstacles on our path.

“You are more likely to manifest the things your mind regularly focuses on”

This means if something doesn’t work out or if someone does not like us because they don’t know how amazing we really are, then it will happen again and again until we start looking at ourselves differently. This has been proven through scientific research too; people who were encouraged by fake praise showed poor performance when compared against those who received genuine compliments from their teachers.

This happens because we give power to the words that are repeated over and over again in our mind which eventually manifest into reality!

It is said by many people who have used affirmations for a long time that one of the best things about them is how easy they are to use; you only need three minutes every day to take advantage of their influential powers. You can say these powerful phrases while looking at yourself in the mirror or repeating it aloud inside your head – whichever way makes this process more comfortable for you.

The key word here is “easy”. It’s not hard at all and anyone can do it, but without regular practice any benefit will soon be lost as life goes on its daily path.

The benefits of using affirmations in your life

Affirmations are a great way to increase your positive feelings and attitudes, as well as self-confidence. You may find that you’re more likely to believe in your own abilities and skills when using these powerful words on a daily basis.  In turn the power of the mind will be stronger and more often present in our thoughts while we go about following our everyday routines, which can have a significant effect on how successfully we meet our goals.

It is also said by experts that if something doesn’t work out for us at first then it’s because those who created this law never thought of the possibility of failure – hence their word ‘attract’. Through affirmation you should visualize success not just hope or wishes, always think in the present tense.

“I am a success. I will succeed every time and in all things, for I command my mind to think only thoughts of prosperity, health and joy.”

“My life is filled with opportunities that are just waiting for me to reach out and grab them!”

The power of repetition of words

We can also use the power words by repeating their meaning over and over again as an affirmation:  ‘I believe’ or ‘I know’. The more you say something repeatedly the stronger your belief becomes because it’s like planting seeds into fertile ground from which they grow. Your subconscious mind knows how powerful these affirmations are so when we repeat them the thought starts to manifest.

“I am so happy and grateful now that I live in a world of peace, love, joy, and forgiveness”

“Every day is the perfect day when I wake up!”

Affirmations are like mantras which we use in order to create what we want our reality to be:

“My life is filled with opportunities that are just waiting for me to reach out and grab them!”

The power words can also be used as daily affirmations if they match your current mindset or desired outcome such as “Everyday I’m Loving You More And More” it’s important not only to say these powerful words but really feel the emotions behind them too. When you think about what you want, think about the emotions you want to feel.

The power of daily writing in a journal

Daily journaling can also be a powerful tool to manifest. It is important not only to write about the emotions you want but really feel the power of the words, and take your writing into action which can include taking positive actions in order to receive what you desire.

What is journaling for manifestation?

The prompts, signals and signs to mention in a  journal for manifestation can include:

  1. Your desired outcome
  2. What you want to experience in life and feel
  3. The emotions you’re feeling on a daily basis, both negative and positive

If it is manifesting that we wish to achieve, then taking time each day to journal about our feelings will provide us with valuable insight. These insights can help guide our next steps towards creating what we want.

The power of words – how they create reality!

“Words are powerful because thoughts have creative power”

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