6 tips to manifest a specific person

6 Tips To Manifest a Specific Person

Have you ever felt that your love life was missing something? Maybe you’ve been dating for a while and are looking to take the next step in your relationship. Perhaps you’re at a point where it feels like there is no one available who meets all of your criteria, and now you’re feeling discouraged. If any of this sounds familiar to you, then this blog post may be just what you need! I will discuss 6 tips that can help manifest a specific person into your life!

These include; sending out positive thoughts, being open with how we feel, making yourself available for opportunities where there is a chance of meeting up with this specific person again and being patient while waiting for them to show up or come back into your life. Here are the 6 powerful tips:

1. Find a photo of the person you want to manifest, draw them or paint them

In some cases, this will be as easy as looking at a photo of the person you want to manifest. In other situations, they may not have many photos or any online presence. If that’s the case for you then it can help if you find a picture similar enough in appearance and draw them onto your canvas or paint them. The important thing is to have a strong visual representation of them.

Personally, I like to paint them as it helps me to begin that emotional connection with them, even if I have a photo of them too.

This may sound strange or funny at first but you can actually use the power of positive thoughts and visualization techniques for manifesting all of your desires or goals!

2. Create an affirmation about how this person would make your life better

This can take time and practice and of course you might decide to make it more powerful as your routine develops. In the meantime, you can find affirmations by searching online but it’s always best to create one yourself.

Some examples I like are​:

“Every day in every way, he makes my life better”

“I am manifesting this person into my life so that they can provide me with the love and support I need to live a happy and fulfilling life.”

In both of these affirmations you are stating your desires for this specific person. You can also create an affirmation about how having them will make both of your lives easier or how it’ll improve some other aspect of the relationship such as:

  • Romance (e.g. we’re attracted to each other)
  • Friendship/Support (e.g. they listen when I’m going through something hard)
  • Fun (e.g. spending time together is always fun)


I’ve found this to be a helpful technique in manifesting specific people into my life because it aligns your thoughts and emotions with what you want to attract. You may not get immediate results but over time you’ll notice that when you’re doing things that are aligned with your desires – they might come easier!

3. Meditate on this affirmation for at least 10 minutes each day

Practicing meditation every day is a great way to manifest specific people because it calms the mind and allows things to come into your life more easily.

One of my favorite techniques is the “Bring It Into Your Life” meditation, which I learned from one of my yoga teachers:

  • sit comfortably with good posture
  • take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth for a few minutes until you feel relaxed. Playing soft music can really help. Next, consciously think about all those aspects you want to manifest. For example, how they would look or what their personality might be like. Dive deep into the specific personality details and intricacies. Imagine these qualities being imprinted on them as they walk up to greet you. This will help make it easier for other people to see them as an ideal match for you too.


When you feel like the meditation has been successful, affirm this by saying:

“Thank You Universe!”

The more grateful and open we are with how we feel in our meditations, the better results manifesting will have on us! You might just manifest your Soulmate!

4. Write down all the qualities that you love about this person and focus on them when meditating

Keeping a list or journal about this person’s qualities is a great way to manifest them into your life. It also helps you stay focused on the person and not become distracted.

  • Write down what qualities she/he has that attract me most about her/him.
  • Stay focused on these qualities during meditation sessions


You can keep adding to the list as you build a clearer picture in your mind.

5. Imagine being with this person in your mind’s eye, feeling their touch, hearing their voice, their scent

Outside of your meditation sessions, take a few minutes out of your day to close your eyes and imagine being with the person you desire in an intimate moment. Do this while focusing on all the senses…

  • What do they smell like?
  • What is their voice’s tone?
  • How does it feel when she/he touches me?


The more detailed, the better! This will help manifest them into reality even faster than before.

6. Visualize yourself living with the specific person and taking care of them

You need to visualize everything happening in great detail:

  • Cooking dinner together
  • Watching TV together
  • Walking along a beach together


Focusing on what they are saying to you – repeat these steps until it feels as if they are really there with you.

The most important of our 6 tips to manifest a specific person into your life

If you’re ready to manifest that specific person into your life, take this advice and more importantly – take action!

If you enjoyed this post, please share it with anyone you think it might help with their affirmations, visualizing, meditation and manifesting.

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