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How To Set Powerful Intentions and Clear Goals

It is a human tendency to set intentions and goals. We do this all the time, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Setting a goal for yourself can be very empowering because you have something tangible to work towards. If you’re ready to start setting some powerful intentions and goals, read on! In this blog post, I’ll discuss how setting powerful intentions and clear goals can improve your life in many ways.

1. Start by getting clear on what you want to achieve

Identify exactly what you want to achieve, whether it be a new skill or an intention that is more spiritual in nature. Write down your intentions and goals for at least the next six months. This will help you to remember what your intentions are and will give them more power.

For example, if I want to improve my French skills by the end of this year, then in setting a goal for myself, I might be saying “I would like to speak fluent French by December of this year”.

Your intention should be something that you truly desire and not just an idea. It needs to resonate with every level of who you are on both conscious and unconscious levels. Your desires need to come from deep within yourself; they cannot be wants or goals that don’t feel right.

2. Set a deadline for when you want to accomplish this goal 

You can also set a time limit for achieving the goal and associate it with an emotion that will help motivate you as well. For example, if I wanted to lose 50 pounds in twelve months, my intention might be “I am committed to losing 50 pounds in one year using healthy eating habits and regular exercise”.

The more specific details about how this will happen when setting goals is what helps us stay on track so we achieve our desires. It’s important not only to create powerful intentions but also clear ones! How many times have you said something like “Oh yeah… I meant to do that” or “Wow… I forgot all about it!”

3. Be specific about how the goal will look and feel when it has been achieved

You need to be clear about what you want to achieve, how it will look when achieved and the emotions that come with achieving your goal.

You can use visualizations like a dream board or vision board for this step. These are tools in which we select images of things we want (like driving our Audi R8) and positive affirmations about those outcomes so they become associated in our minds as something achievable. Using the power of manifestation is a skill that needs to be worked on.

This is why I always tell people setting goals not only to set intentions but also create specific ones! You need to be very concrete on what you want before anything else because if there’s no clarity around what you desire, then it’s nearly impossible to get it.

So first, set the intention by writing down what you want and why, then identify how your life will be better when that goal is realized (what’s in it for you). And finally, create a plan of action including who can help along with specific steps on how to achieve your goals.

If we take “goals” out of the equation for just a moment and think about setting intentions only instead – this process has been proven time after time again as one of the most effective ways to lead an empowered life full of success. This means if you’ve never done these things before… now is the perfect opportunity! It’ll all start from within so make sure those positive thoughts are loud enough.

4. Write down your intention, setting an intention can help guide us through our day and make sure we’re not wasting time or energy on things that don’t matter

Sure, you could type it into your mobile phone but it would be much better to get out a piece of paper and find a pen. Find a space that feels comfortable, where you’ll feel relaxed and calm.

What is your intention? That’s the first thing we want to know about for this exercise.

One of my favorite intentions I have written down in recent times was “I am fully present with everyone I interact with.” This helps me keep those people close to me – even if it’s just briefly as they pass by or when things are stressful at work because then all my attention will be on what matters most to them during that moment. It also helps me to remember not only how important each person can be but how important my own presence is.

If there was one intention setting activity I recommend more than any other, it would be using affirmations and goal setting so that in those moments when we feel totally lost, all is not lost.

Doing this has been a wonderfully rewarding experience and I have felt more capable than ever before.

5. Get support from others who are working towards similar goals 

Joining forces with someone who has the same goal or intention can be a powerful and reassuring experience.

If you find someone who is on the same path, share your goals with each other. This person can be seen as a source of inspiration to keep moving forward no matter what, especially when things get tough.

6. Stay motivated by celebrating small successes along the way with yourself or with friends/family as needed!

Don’t forget to celebrate the small triumphs that happen every day, they are as important and necessary for your progress.

Thinking about where you started and where you are now can be a big motivator to keep going.

If it’s been awhile since your last celebration, remember the feeling of accomplishment that came with accomplishing something hard or setting a goal.

Celebrate when milestones have been met by taking time for yourself – go out to dinner, buy yourself flowers or simply take some alone time!

Work on remembering these feelings as much as possible so they come back naturally when celebrating in the future!

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