how to manifest for beginners quick guide 101

How to Manifest for Beginners: Quick Guide 101

We all want the best things in life, and sometimes it seems like we are destined to not get them. What if I told you that there is a way to manifest for beginners? It’s true! This article will teach you how to start with manifestation and how to manifest for beginners so that you can achieve anything your heart desires!

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is the act or process of becoming clearly evident. It’s how you become what you want to be. You can use manifestation for beginners and manifest anything in your life, including money! Before we get into how to do it let’s talk about why people try to manifest things?

What are some reasons that someone would want to manifest something? I’m sure there are many answers but here are a few common reasons:

  • To have more free time
  • For happiness in their lives
  • To live without fear
  • To feel loved


What does manifestation feel like?

Manifesting feels amazing because not only do you know exactly where all this abundance came from, but also that it’s coming back around again so soon! The feeling is incredible; knowing how to repeat it is priceless.

Do you know how to manifest for beginners? If not, this manifestation guide will help you get started!

Here are our 6 winning steps to manifesting for beginners:

  1. Define Exactly What You Want

Know what you want and be very clear about it. For example, you want a new car. What make is it? What models is it? What color is it?

Write out your goal in detail, as if you already have it and are just checking off the last few details like how many doors do you need or what color seat covers does it come with?

The Law of Attraction states:

We attract into our lives whatever we focus on most often


  1. The Power of Visualization

Visualize yourself already having your goal. Create a clear mental picture of the desired outcome and how you will feel once it is achieved. What does that look like? Find as many sensory details about what that outcome looks, feels, smells or tastes like to make this real for you. This technique can also be used with any task:

  • How do I want my work desk setup?
  • What should I wear when giving a presentation in front of the group?
  • How would I describe myself on Facebook after achieving my weight loss goal?


Create an emotional connection to your wish list by imagining how happy everything will make you feel (e.g. relaxed, excited, proud).

Imagine how it would feel to accomplish your desired outcome or achieve a goal that has been on hold.

  • How does this make you feel?
  • What thoughts come up for you when imagining this?


Write them down in detail.

  1. Setting Your Intentions

The next step is to set your intentions. This is how you’ll know that your manifestation will come true.

For example:

“I will get my promotion by the end of this year.”

“I will be 100 pounds lighter in one year’s time.”

The goal is to set your intentions so that they are specific, measurable and achievable within a certain period of time (or when you have accomplished them).

You can also try think about how it would feel once they come true:

  • How does getting my promotion make me feel?
  • What thoughts come up for me when I imagine being 100 pounds lighter?


Again, write them down in detail.

  1. Manifesting With Others 

There is an extra power to manifesting with others.

This can be as simple as sending a text or email to someone you care about, telling them how much they are appreciated and loved or letting them know your intention for manifesting.

Or it could be more involved like gathering friends in person to form a manifestation group. You might want the support of other people who share your same intentions when manifesting something big. It’s easier than doing it alone!

If there is no one around that you feel comfortable sharing this process with, try joining live video chats on Facebook where members have posted their advice or Youtube videos of how they manifested things like new homes or jobs. This way you will not only receive guidance from those that want to help but also gaining the inspiration from others who have succeeded in manifesting.

  1. Manifestation through The Law of Attraction 

If you haven’t heard about The Law of Attraction before, then you’re in for a treat! It’s a powerful universal law that can help you manifest anything you desire in your life.

The basic idea is this: like attracts like. More specifically, what we think about and focus on will become our reality – good or bad! What does this mean for manifestation? Everything! It means if you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts, then guess what? You’ll attract more negativity into your life until it becomes the only thing that surrounds you. On the other hand, when we are grateful for all of the things in our lives and look at them with joy, then those positive feelings will bring peace to us and others around us too.

Once these positive energies come together there is no limit to how far they can go because The Law of Attraction is at work. The stronger you feel about something – anything! – then the more likely you are to manifest this thing.

  1. Tips for Manifesting Faster and Easier

It is a matter of practicing a little every day.

To help speed up the process, I would recommend building up a daily manifestation routine. This will help you to stay focused on the things that matter most in your life and be able to manifest them more quickly into reality.

It is important not only how much time we put into manifestation but what we focus on when we put that time in.

If we want to manifest more money, for instance, then it would be helpful to focus on all the ways you can use this extra cash – what are your goals and how will having this extra income help meet them?

This is a powerful way of focusing our thoughts rather than feeling powerless over lack of financial resources.

Small Things to Manifest for Beginners

As a way to get started with manifestation, I would recommend you choose some small wins and start working on them. For example:

  • a really great meal
  • a restful night’s sleep
  • a fun conversation with a friend


These are all things you could manifest for yourself within minutes, and the more of them that happen in your life, the better off you’ll be.

Start small as you learn how to manifest – it’s not about doing everything at once or even being perfect when we do anything. If something doesn’t work out exactly how we want it to this time around, then next time will probably go differently because now we know what works for us and can adjust accordingly.

This is only a small list of things you can work on if you are just starting out as a beginner and want some ideas about what might be possible! If you browse around my Manifestation Growth website, hopefully you will learn manifestation techniques for beginners and some of the best ways to start manifesting for beginners.

  • how to manifest money
  • how to manifest love
  • how to get anything you want using the Law of Attraction


Let go of expectations and limitations, because they will only limit your potential. You might be surprised what happens when we let our fears go! When I first started learning about manifestation for beginners, these were some of the things that helped me the most:


All of these techniques helped me to prepare myself before starting my day with intentions or working out which affirmations are going to have an impact on me for today’s manifestation task list. Hopefully they can help you too!

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