can you manifest more than one thing at a time

Can You Manifest More Than One Thing at a Time?

Can you manifest two things at once? With the Law of Attraction, can you manifest more than one thing at a time? The best way to do this is by using affirmations and visualization techniques. This blog post will go into detail about how you can use affirmations and visualization techniques in order to create your reality faster with the law of attraction.

Many people think that you can only manifest one thing at a time, but this is not true

You can manifest multiple things at once. However, it is important that you carefully think about what you are trying to manifest and be realistic with your expectations in order for this process to work well.

The Law of Attraction

This law states that you attract things into your life with the thoughts that are in your head. Every thought, good or bad is turned into a vibration which then attracts other similar vibrations to it and forms like-minded groups


An affirmation is when you repeat positive statements about yourself over and over again until they become true. When used correctly, affirmations can help alter the way that you think on a daily basis. This makes them powerful tools for manifesting what we want more of in our lives: peace, love, health etc.

For example if I was trying to manifest $100 dollars every day from doing odd jobs around my neighborhood I could say:

“I will be able to find plenty of work”


“Today is going to be an easy day”


“I can already feel the money coming my way.”

If you are struggling to get motivated in any area of your life, I recommend using affirmations. They will change the thoughts that come out of your head and into reality with just a few simple statements. It’s amazing how such little things have such a big impact on our lives!

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The power of visualization has been studied for years by scientists all around the world. In order to use this tool effectively we need to know exactly what we want before asking the Universe for anything specific so there is no confusion between us about what should be expected and what to expect.

Visualize every detail of what you want to happen, the more specific the better. If it’s money coming your way, imagine yourself counting piles upon piles of cash! Visualizing this can help make it a reality for you too.

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The 55×5 Manifestation Method

This technique is a very powerful tool so be careful what you wish for!

You write down your goals, as an affirmative statement, 55 times and for five days in a row. You can also say out loud your affirmations list, as this will make it even clearer for you and the Universe.

Repeating this on a regular basis and building up a daily manifestation routine is of immense benefit.

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The Amazing 369 Method

This technique isn’t much different from the 55×5 Method except instead of being grateful about your current life situation, this time we’ll focus on our future goals and dreams!

As there is some much history to this method – including it’s connections with Nikola Tesla and the Law of Attraction – if you would like to learn more about it – please read our full guide to The 369 Method for Manifestation

Here are some further tips to allow you to Manifest multiple things at once:

You are more likely to manifest what you focus on the most and if you want to have multiple manifestations occurring in your life, it’s important to set up intentions for each desire.

The reason this works is because you’re essentially creating a list of all the things that are most important to you – and once your intentions have been set, they will start to manifest as quickly as possible!

If there’s an item on the list that doesn’t seem realistic or even feasible at the moment then don’t worry about it. Just keep focusing on what feels right in terms of both timing and budget so that when those changes do happen, you’ll be able to make sure it gets added back onto your Manifestation List.

Affirmations can also help with making sure each goal has its own space. For example if one affirmation for money is “Money comes easily” another could be “I am financially stable.” This would then allow you to create a list of affirmations for your Manifestation List.

Visualizing can also be helpful when it comes to manifesting multiple things at the same time because you’re not only setting an intention, but you’re actually envisioning what it will look like once all these intentions have manifested.

It may seem impossible but there’s no limit on how many lives we can improve while using the Law of Attraction.

For example, if I want a new job and I also want my car fixed – I would set two intentions

I would start with  the intention to find a new job and then I would work out what my desired car fix is…

I might want the engine fixed, replaced or something else.

Once this process has been completed – you can set your focus on finding the right person for the position of your dreams while visualizing yourself driving that perfect car around town!

This will help strengthen both intentions as well as make them more likely to manifest in reality because when it comes down to it, our thoughts have an effect on everything we do. And with how powerful thought can be – there’s really no limit on just how much good we can create in one day.

One intention would be

“I am open to receiving an amazing new job”

and the other intention would be

“I am open to receiving help with my car” 

It doesn’t matter which comes first because they will both come into fruition as long as we maintain our positive mindset!

This is the key, being patient with the process! You must always maintain an open mind and build the following into your daily affirmations:

“I am open to receiving an amazing new job”

Manifesting is all about being patient with the Universe, trusting that things will happen when they’re supposed to

This is why it’s important not to give up when something doesn’t happen right away, because patience can lead you down many different paths of manifestation! It’s all about being patient with the universe and trusting that things will be manifested in their own time.

It also helps if you focus on what your intentions are – one may be more urgent than another or there could even be multiple reasons for wanting something but you don’t know which reason has power over the other so you should go with the flow!

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