Positive and Powerful Affirmations for Money and Success Manifest

23 Positive and Powerful Affirmations for Money and Success

Are you looking for affirmations to make money? Do you want powerful wealth affirmations? Well, this blog post is just for you! You will find a list of 23 Positive and Powerful Affirmations for Money and Success. They include some of the best affirmations to make money fast. Powerful wealth affirmations will help grow your income and improve your lifestyle with positive thinking.

Most Powerful Affirmations for Money and Success

  • I am prosperous, wealthy and abundant.
  • My purpose is to grow my wealth in a healthy way for the highest good of all concerned.
  • I deserve prosperity, health and success!
  • The universe expands me with infinite abundance!
  • Life always provides more than enough of what it needs you to prosper abundantly today and tomorrow too!
  • You are rich beyond measure in every area of life because your thoughts about yourself create your reality!
  • I deserve all of the good things in life
  • I am a genius, and my thoughts create reality!
  • I deserve to be rich beyond measure in every area of life because I am the creator of my own destiny!

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Best Affirmations for Money and Success

  • You are invincible when you think about yourself as deserving all things good and great. Your positive affirmations bring your desires into present tense realities with ease! You can’t lose if you keep thinking that way — so keep on doing it today and tomorrow too!
  • All my needs are being met right now by an unlimited universe where everything is possible for me – more than enough love, money, health, energy, vitality and success come to me effortlessly each day.
  • I have more than enough money to live a life of luxury and possibility.
  • I am deeply grateful for the unlimited abundance that is flowing to me each day from every source imaginable – money, friends, love relationships, good health and more!
  • Money comes into my experience in many ways such as being in the right place at the right time when an opportunity arises; or it could mean receiving unexpected income like winning the lottery.
  • I have plenty of opportunities to make money through doing things I enjoy doing anyway
  • Abundance is free-flowing towards me all day long because I deserve it — everything I need will be here before too long!
  • All of my income is more than enough to cover my needs.
  • I am grateful for money and I deserve to have lots of it.
  • Money is a friend that never leaves me – in good times or bad, I always know where my next meal will come from!
  • With every day that passes, the wealth stored up within me becomes more abundant.
  • Abundance flows into my life because I live by spiritual laws which govern prosperity and abundance.
  • I am a wealthy person who has many sources of wealth that I can tap into when needed.
  • My thoughts and beliefs are powerful, creative, hopeful and optimistic. With my thoughts and actions aligned with this intention all the time, it is easy for me to attract money to myself in any form – from bank deposits, bonuses or paychecks to unexpected windfalls like winning the lottery!
  • Money flows easily towards me because I have created an abundant mindset focused on prosperity. My financial success will continue as long as I maintain this positive attitude about money now and always!
  • In every area of life where there’s no more room left for improvement — that would be impossible
  • When you affirm yourself with your favorite mantra multiple times per day, you are telling the Universe exactly what you need to be successful and abundant.
  • I am a magnet for success in all areas of my life. My prosperity is unlimited!
  • Money flows to me easily, plentiful, and always on time because that’s the way I deserve it.
  • Every day in every way, my personal finances are lighter than ever before— even when there doesn’t appear to be any increase in income or decrease in debt. No matter what the outside circumstances seem like, they have nothing to do with how much money comes into and goes out of my bank account each month.
  • All indications show that things will only continue getting better financially.
  • There is always enough money for everything I want
  • When I least expect it, money just shows up.
  • I am a magnet for success in all areas of my life. My prosperity is unlimited!
  • Money flows to me easily, plentiful and always on time because that’s the way I deserve it.
  • I can create wealth whenever I want
  • My own success is creating success for everyone and everything around me.
  • I am surrounded by an infinite supply of money, every day in all ways!
  • I have more than enough to cover my expenses now and so much more that it’s a pleasure to plan ahead.


Each one of these affirmations is designed specifically to help you get the results you want faster. If you are also searching for positive affirmations for love and relationships and a deeper understanding of the power of words and affirmations we have lots of guides and examples for you to check out. 

If you would like to write your own affirmations for money, success, wealth, relationships and much more, this will lead to a more meaningful experience for you.

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